Training Classes

We offer a variety of obedience classes from Puppy Kindergarten to Advanced Handling, along with specialty classes such as Trick Training, Service Dog Training, and  Therapy Dog Training! Classes are run at a variety of times to accommodate busy schedules! Please note that our Kindergarten and Beginner classes have the same curriculum, but are split up by age. 

Puppy Kindergarten

The best way to bond with your new puppy is through training, and the socialization that happens in classes is an added bonus! Join us at Puppy Kindergarten to learn obedience and handling skills that will start to set your puppy up for a life full of happiness and understanding.

Prerequisites: Puppies must be over 12 weeks of age, had their second set of shots, and had little to no training.

Beginner Obedience

If you have not had the chance to bring your dog to classes yet, this is the class for you! Join us at Beginner Obedience to learn obedience and handling skills that will start to set your dog up for a life full of happiness and understanding.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be 6 months of age or older and had little to no training.

Novice Obedience

You and your dog have the basics, now what? Get better of course! Deepen the bond with your dog by learning impulse control skills that will give your dog a healthy output for their energy and keep your household calm and relaxed! 

Prerequisites: Dogs must have completed Puppy Kindergarten OR Beginner Obedience )

Intermediate Obedience

This class teaches you and your dog what you were afraid your dog would never be able to do – work off leash around other dogs, resist temptations such as treats and toys without being told to, and, most importantly, know that you are the most important person in the room and who they should listen to.

Prerequisites: Novice Obedience 

Super Dogs

This class is an impulse control boot camp! As a prerequisite for Advanced Handling, this class focuses on your dog doing what is asked of them, even if there are lots of distractions around. This class can be done either between Novice and Intermediate or Intermediate and Advanced, depending on the dog’s strengths.

Prerequisites: Novice Obedience 

Novice Trick Dog Training 

Want a dog that has all the moves? This class is designed to prepare you for your Novice Trick Title through Do More With Your Dog, which can be applied for at the end of the session. This class is great for dogs who love to entertain company and future therapy dogs!

Prerequisites: Novice Obedience 

Intermediate Trick Dog Training

Time to step up your trick training! This title requires 12 intermediate level tricks.

Prerequisites: Novice Trick Dog Training

Novice Rally Obedience

Rally is a fun dog sport that places obedience skills in an agility-style course. Rally is a great way to get your dog excited with their obedience while having fun bonding with you!

Prerequisites: Novice Obedience 

Class Information

Training Methods

We train with a dedicated focus on engagement: when your bond with your dog is mutually rewarding for both dog and owner, it is incredible what you can accomplish. From fun tricks to life saving safety skills, this type of training can achieve it all. Engagement training effectively creates a strong drive in your dog for what he loves most…YOU! This is a process and results in a deep connection between you and your dog that makes skill development easier, more fun and deeply seated.  We use treat rewards, toy rewards and the reward of partnership to achieve this deep bond that results from engagement. Our classes are fun for owners and dogs and we celebrate the progress of each team on their own merit. All of our training is based on whole science, is not compulsory or permissive.



What To Bring

  • 6 foot leash
  • Bait / treat bag with your dog’s favourite treats cut into small pieces
  • Indoor shoes are mandatory (sandals, open toed shoes, or open back shoes are not allowed due to safety concerns)


Missed Classes

If you miss a class, we usually do not have time to get you caught up during the next class as this takes away from the class time of the other students. It is best to have a private catch up class, it can be arranged with your instructor at $25.00 (plus GST) per missed class. Please contact your instructor as soon as possible to book one. It is sometimes possible to have you attend a different class if there is room and advanced warning is given.



    Cost & Payment

    All classes are $225.00 (plus GST) and payment is required to hold your spot. Sessions are refundable up to  10 days before classes begin. A $50.00 administrative fee will be charged. Payments can be made by cash, cheque (made out to Twilla Boyce), or e-transfer (please contact for information).